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"Special mention must also go to Clement von Franckenstein for his turn as Woody in John Mawson's "Knobraska" – which was the standout performance of the night. Everything about this black and white parody of Alexander Payne’s road-trip movie, from the performances to the cinematography and director Chris Devlin’s understated, realistic style, elevated it head and shoulders above its competitors.
"Toscars the Toast of Hollywood Yet Again" Nick Stark in the British Weekly. Feb 2014

"A truly wonderful film... A great and original story." Paul Heller, producer (My Left Foot, Withnail and I, Enter the Dragon) on "6 Years, 4 Months & 23 Days"

' of the survivors, who seemed to be a government minister - played superbly by John Mawson' Pablo Luis González-Rueda - Cinema Architecture reviewing "The Last Seven".

"There is beautiful cinematography and solid acting from the core group of actors... The Last Seven is above average, especially in performances;"


"Bakersfield Mist" at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, 2019

"John Mawson does an excellent job of embodying the superior Lionel Percy while at the same time revealing the man’s humanity and desperation ... a wonderful sense of movement between the two characters."


"The Game's Afoot; or Holmes for the Holidays" at Theatre Palisades. 2015.

"Heading the cast while oozing authority, pomposity and killer comic timing is John Mawson as William Gillette, an actor just a little too obsessed with Sherlock Holmes".Thespian Thoughts Theatre Review, Actors Entertainment, L.A.… an inspired and hilarious alternative to the usual holiday entertainment … witty, fast-paced dialogue and slapstick comedy … a feast for the eyes … no-detail-spared authenticity right down to Gillette’s garters, handsomely displayed on the long legs of actor JOHN MAWSON, as he prepares for the party in his dressing gown … dense with clever banter… leaving the audience simultaneously chortling, chuckling and gasping in surprise. … the actors throw themselves into the farce with gusto, and the non-stop laughter begins the minute the curtain opens. There is ample physical comedy and good timing. Amidst the laughter there is plenty of suspense, and just when you think you know who the villain is, the plot takes an unexpected twist.
Sue Hardie: The Malibu Chronicle.


"A clever murder mystery wrapped around a wise cracking comedy reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. Kind of like a gift-wrapped jack in the box. Thrilling and funny all at once. Ken Ludwig’s play is a zinger, full of cracking dialogue and slapstick.
The play starts with the final scene of Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes play, played at full throttle, which sets the tone for the dastardly high jinks that are to follow. John Mawson plays the hero, William Gillette, with tones of Basil Fawlty, which suits his statuesque physique."
Catherine Siggins, THE ANGLO FILES.


Flamboyantly directed by Gene Franklin Smith, this “you slay me” crowd pleaser is probably one of the genuinely funnier genre theatre romps on offer this season. An ode to classic 30s & 40s, film comedy-mysteries, cast members, John Mawson, Gail Bernardi, James Lujan, Andy Wagner, Matthew Godfrey, Nicole Knudsen, Maggie Peach, and Maria Pavone, ham it up perfectly.
Gia on the Move, Curating Culture.


Noel Coward's "The Vortex". Matrix Theatre, Hollywood 2014.

- …stoical husband, David (marvelously underplayed by John Mawson). Smith’s smartest choice proves to be his high-octane cast.- Hoffman and Mawson create carefully structured humans out of their written roles. Mawson, as an example, is the one “quiet” character whose strength gives him dignity.- The talented actors all firmly commit to their roles… John Mawson's appropriately broken as the cuckolded David as he makes futile attempts to re-connect with his troubled son Nicky.- While The Vortex contains more than its fair share of sharp banter, it is also a powerful dramedy about vanity, adultery, repressed homosexuality, substance abuse and more among an upper-class milieu with its hangers-on. Nicky's (Craig Robert Young) interactions with his emasculated father David (John Mawson) and clashes with his mother Florence (Shannon Holt) may call to mind Eugene O'Neill's tragedies and James Dean's tortured relationships with his 1950s onscreen fathers…the Matrix's three-acter is well worth seeing and eminently worthy of its creator.


"The Secret of Sherlock Holmes" Theatre Asylum, Los Angeles. 2012

'Fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic "consulting detective" will get all weak in the knees over this show... John Mawson is Holmes to Mario Vernazza's Watson and what a splendid pairing they make. Both men capture the nuances of their respective character's personality as well as the play's span of some 13 years... Director Amir Korangy moves the play along at a steady clip and uses his actors skilfully. This production satisfies on so many levels that is serves as a testament to the talents of Korangy, his actors, and the playwright himself.' Earnest Kearney. 17th June 2012 Read the full review at


'Playwright Jeremy Paul creates an entertaining hour by stitching together bits of recognizable Sherlockiana to set up his theory... an intriguing dynamic: John Mawson makes a stately, almost kind Holmes, whereas Mario Vernazza is an electrifying Watson.' GO. (Dany Margolies)


'With the recent re-interpretation of Sherlock Holmes through the movies starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, many have lost sight of the original vision of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's literary masterpiece. Thank God for John Mawson and Mario Vernazza! Their show returns the story to the proper vision and setting - Victorian England. Their accents and costumes are impeccable. Their chemistry is obvious. The story is shocking and thought-provoking. The story covers almost the entire lives of the original Dynamic Duo. Beginning from their first encounter, the story dwells more on their intimate friendship than on any one particular case. This broad retrospective was fresh and tastefully done. While I don't want to ruin the ending, suffice it to say that you will never look at the rivalry between Holmes and Moriarity in quite the same way.'
Bob Leggett


"Inherit The Wind" Starring Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic

"Trevor Nunn's production also gives the set piece debate a context by creating a sense of community. Scenes are cunningly linked by revivalist hymns; a prayer meeting becomes a display of mounting, small-town hysteria; and, in the trial, the jurors occupy the front stalls"
Michael Billington, The Guardian 2/10/2009


"The Bomb" The Duke's Lancaster and UK Tour.

"Unmissable... Explosive...Dyer hardwires the tension so that it builds to a double-climax... A third strand shows us the younger Elizabeth and her preoccupied father (an aloof, discreetly doting John Mawson) snatching moments together on the eve of the bombing."
Dominic Cavendish, The Daily Telegraph 19/10/08.


"The Seagull" Lion and Unicorn Theatre London.

"John Mawson as Dr Dorn was elegantly played with a serpentine sting underlying his speeches".
Lloyd Morris, Remotegoat 25/01/08; reviewing Chekhov's "The Seagull" at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre.


Tom Stoppard's "Undiscovered Country" at the New Players Theatre. 2007

"John Mawson as Freidrich thankfully imbues his role with a sense of flippancy through to its dramatic and sincerely traumatic conclusion."
Paul Vale, The Stage 11/10/07:


"The Tempest" The Tabard and Brockwell Park, London

For anyone who doubts Shakespeare's final play is about the use and abuse of power, this is an accessibly and entertaining production to settle the issue once and for all."
THE STAGE "This is a strong cast and together with Faction's consistently refreshing and often daring approach makes this a must-see for anyone who thinks Shakespeare is boring."