About Me

John is an English actor, writer, producer and Voice Over artist working (as a US and UK citizen) in Los Angeles and the U.K. He has a reputation on stage and on screen as an authoritative, intelligent performer with a fine dry wit.

John Mawson on IMDb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3713221/

Theatrical Agent (L.A.): Tom Markley at Metropolitan. (MTA)

Tel: 1 323 857 4593 Email: tmarkley@mta.com

Theatrical Agent (UK): Jane Dunlop at Stage Centre Management.

Tel: 0144 (0)207 607 0872 Email: info@stagecentre.org.uk

Commercial Agent (L.A.): Joan Messinger at Pinnacle.

Tel: 1 323 939 5440 Email: info@aeftalent.com

For information on past present and future film and TV film projects developed by John, see North Atlantic Ridge productions

Additional Information

Experienced in maritime, academic, government, business and legal environments.