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2021UnsinkableWriter, Producer, Series RegularDatura Studios
2021Never Have I EverRecurring Guest StarNetflix
2020CirclingJim, leadImpactful Entertainment
2020Green RushDavid AtkinsonLionsgate
2019Jimmy Kimmel Live!Geoffrey, Guillermo’s butlerABC
2019Bakersfield Mist”Lionel PercyVisible Ink
2018RopeSir Johnstone KentlyRobo & Bash
2018Emergency: L.A.Lance TurnerSpectrum Multimedia Hollywood
2018Spirit 7Prime Minister Brent JenkinsSpectrum Multimedia Hollywood
2017Mi Mi Land (Musical)TonyBrits in LA
2016CasualFuneral DirectorHulu
2016OutlanderFrench NoblemanStarz!
2015The Game’s Afoot; or Holmes for the HolidaysWilliam GilletteTheatre Palisades
2015Castle1st Class PassengerABC Studios
2015RehearsalSorinRaven West Films Ltd
2014The VortexDavid LancasterVespa
2014Knobraska“Woody”, Writer, producerNorth Atlantic Ridge
2014RakeJuror #4Fox TV
2013Criminal MindsDream Sequence WaiterABC Studios
2013Silver Whinings PaybackBob DeNiro, writerNorth Atlantic Ridge
2013The GateDr Bill Ackerman (Lead)Joyrider, Wayfare
2012Dwight Freeney’s Cereal CommercialAbelard Fitzroy-Tumblehome 3rdFunny or Die
2012The Secret of Sherlock HolmesSherlock HolmesMawson Vernazza
20126 Years, 4 Months and 23 DaysDavid Cross (Lead), writer, producerNorth Atlantic Ridge
2012Muppets vs Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs boardmemberFunny or Die
2012Walk & Talk: The West Wing ReunionWhite House StafferFunny or Die
2012Saw HorseWriter/FeaturedRune Picture Company
2011Masters of the HouseWriter, co-producer, co-lead (Baxter)MOTH Productions
2011Anniversarius InterruptusWriter / Jerry North (Featured)Bizfoot Productions
2011The Radio PlaysThe Announcer: Flash GordonAFTRA L.A.
2011Greenpeace: 40 Years of VictoriesThe BossGorgeous
2011Peugeot EnvyCharlie Bosworth (lead)grid 24
2010The Perfect Wave for Alcatel-LucentSenior Business ManTwist and Shout Communications Ltd
2010SantanderFatherRoster Worldwide
2010The Secret of Sherlock HolmesMoriarty, U/S Holmes/Watson ASMIan Fricker and Richard Temple
2010The TempestAlonso, King of NaplesThe Faction
2010The Secret of Sherlock HolmesMoriarty, U/S Holmes/Watson ASMMercury Colchester and Ian Fricker (Productions) Ltd
2010The Last SevenHenry Chambers (co-lead)Press On Features
2010Pack Of PainHealth Secretary Sir Anthony HawthorneDymanind Productions
2009Inherit The WindEnsembleThe Old Vic Theatre Company
2009House Gift (Episode 5)Himself (Featured)ITV
2009The Rex Roman Pink Floyd ShowCrispin Hansen/Mr HandsomeCH Entertainments
2009Ibuleve ChoirChoir memberBray Lieno
2009AliceDr SilverBushey Hill Productions and Good4me Productions
2009The Comedy Of ErrorsAegeon / The OfficerThe Curious Room
2009The GauntletTraining Officer HarrisonUH Productions
2008Legal Aliens (Comedy pilot)Henry (Dad)Relentless Films
2008The BombWilliam Townshend M.P.The Dukes / Action Transport
2008Haringey Three WorkersDr SmithFourth Passenger
2008Loving ArtMax WaxLandor Theatre
2008An AudienceGodLondon South Bank University
2008The Gaelic Teacher & Scapa FlowBenjamin BrounHoy Theatre
2008Ad NauseamDr White (A and E)True Vision Films
2008At The WindowFatherLondon Film School
2008IlluminationThe ProfessorLondon Film School
2008PagesMoore/BaritoneGRIT in assoc with New Writing Collective
2008Mamenshka/What’s Left BehindHenry/Arresting officer/EnsembleAct Provocateur
2008J2K / Who am I?Dining businessmanWhirlwind Films
2008The SeagullDr DornAct Provocateur
2007The Last ConfessionCardinal BenelliActors Company
2007Undiscovered CountryFriedrich Hofreiter (lead)Actors Company
2007Our Country’s GoodCaptain Arthur Phillip R.N.Actors Company
2007Uncle VanyaDr AstrovActors Company
2007The Voysey InheritanceMajor Booth VoyseyActors Company
2006Gala EveningCompere/Master of CeremoniesBritish Youth Opera
2006The SeagullDr DornThe Actors Company, LCTS
2006Inside WacoUS Army OfficerDarlow Smithson
2005A Curtain Up On MurderAlex (lead)Friston/Aldeburgh Players
2004Henry VCorporal Nym/ WilliamsTour de force